Sparmed offers a wide range of disinfection products that are suitable for all your disinfection needs in IVF Laboratories with Oosafe® Disinfectant of CO2 Incubators and Laminar Flow Hoods, Oosafe® Surface Disinfectant, Oosafe® Hand Disinfectant and Oosafe® Disinfection Wipes. These products have been tested for their antimicrobial activity and have been shown to be Bactericidal, yeasticidal, tubercoicidal and selectively virucidal. 
Additionally, each lot is also tested using MEA(mouse embryo assay) and HSSA ( human sperm survival assay) to ensure that the products are safe to use in IVF laboratories with embryos and sperm. Safety and efficacy are the main focus of Oosafe® Disinfectant products.